The One Who Says It Can’t Be Done Should Never Interupt The One Who Is Doing It

There are many ways to categorize people in this world. There are a entire class of people who will discourage you from moving forward with your life. These are the people who find what appear to be strong arguments against whatever it is you are attempting to accomplish. It makes no difference what it is you want to do. If you want to buy a house, they will tell you all of the reasons you should stay in your apartment. If you want to return to college, they will tell you about how many people who have graduated from college and are looking for jobs. In fact, celebrated author Wayne Dyer came up with 18 things people will say to you to discourage you from personal growth. Of particular note for people in recovery are the statements, “I’m not strong enough”; “I don’t deserve it” and “no one will help me”. The best thing you can do when they attempt to squash your aspirations is to tell them to not disturb you as you leave them in the dust. Our fellowship helps us tap into strength from our higher power; have an awesome life and know we can call upon our brothers and sisters for help as needed.

Personal Reflection: Do I believe the discouragers?