Slogans Are Wisdom Written In Shorthand

Walk into any 12 step room and you are almost guaranteed to see a collection of small signs. This is true for every single branch of the fellowship; AA to NA to OA to DA et. al. Go to a meeting anywhere in the world and you will see the same signs. They might be in French or Dutch or Hebrew or Japanese; but they all carry the same messages. Some of these include, One Day At A Time; Easy Does It and Think (upside down of course).
When we first came into the program these signs were a perfect prescription of information and wisdom. Quite frankly, for many of us, we had been talked to death by well intentioned friends and family members. At that point in our lives, we needed to keep it simple. Short aphorisms were easy to remember when we needed to draw upon them. As we gained some time; we noticed that the signs were still in the rooms, and that their messages had become part of our vocabulary. More importantly, they had become part of our belief systems. They were a compass which guided us through some of our more difficult days. They invariably helped us find true north and to find our correct path.

Personal Reflection: Which slogan gives me the most sustenance?