I Pray For Longevity Because I Need Time To Correct My Character Defects

Membership in AA, NA or OA is not like being on an installment plan. It’s not as if we put in our months or years of not drinking or drugging and then are suddenly and magically cured. Just the opposite. We recognize that our commitment to the program must be a lifelong one. We say one day at a time regarding abstinence, but this accumulation of “days” must be until we breathe our last breathe. Any other course of action is a prescription for disaster. So many of our fellowship felt they could now handle that one drink, one toke or one sugar hit; and found to their dismay that they were right back where they started from.
Lucky for us this is the case. Since we are committed to working the program for a lifetime, we might actually have a chance of impacting some of our character defects. We have come to accept that defects like anger, fear, shame, guilt and resentment are deeply ingrained within us. To truly significantly alter any of these traits, all of the tools of the program must be utilized. When we falter, rather than giving up in discouragement we acknowledge the defect and make amends where necessary. May we all have a long life so that we can do the necessary personal transformative work.

Personal Reflection: Do I want health and longevity for the right reasons?

There Is No Chemical Solution To A Spiritual Problem

At some point in time all of us took our first drink or drug. People in AA often say I didn’t like how it tasted, but I sure did like how it made me feel. When you probe a bit deeper, most people who used did so because they were uncomfortable in their own skin. Initially the alcohol or drugs or food did the trick. On some deep level they felt soothed, perhaps for the first time in their lives. Unfortunately, the effects were illusory. As soon as we came down from our alcohol, drug or sugar high, we were exactly in the same place we had been before. Nothing had really changed. So we entered into an endless cycle of pain, drug of choice and remorse. When we finally entered the rooms of AA, NA or OA we learned that using a substance would never fill that deep hole within us. Our problem was spiritual, not physical in nature. We needed spiritual not physical medicine. Our new course of treatment included going to meetings and getting a sponsor. As we healed we upped our dosage and began to work the steps. Prayer and meditation were part of the prescription as well.

Personal Reflection: Am I still trying to use a physical solution for a spiritual problem?