It’s Not An Old Behavior If I’m Still Doing It

It’s Not An Old Behavior If I’m Still Doing It

When it comes to our drug of choice we can be very definite about what we mean by the word recovery. If alcohol was our problem, we have stopped drinking. If drugs were our problem, we have stopped using. If food was our problem, we have stopped eating compulsively. Once we get into other areas of recovery, the waters become more muddied. Emotional, and spiritual recovery are not so black and white. Many of our old behaviors predate our fall into drug and alcohol use. In early sobriety we might assume that once we put down our substance, all of those character defects somehow magically go away. We might even make statements like, “l never get angry, jealous or fearful since I entered the program”. That pink cloud of early recovery quickly gets burned away with our first emotional tirade. As we get honest, we no longer feel comfortable categorizing character defects as old behavior. We are able to make a more accurate assessment of ourselves. We still do certain negative actions, but far less frequently. We are also less reactive to old triggers. We are more comfortable saying, ” I’m becoming more conscious of how that behavior no longer works for me and I’m working on changing it”.

Personal Reflection: What negative behaviors of mine are really not old?