Don’t Go To The Hardware Store For Bread

We all have challenges and problems. Many of us seek out various solutions to these issues. Often we stumble around a bit until we arrive at the appropriate answer to our particular problem. When we do, we almost automatically realize that we have found the solution we have been looking for. The other pathways we experimented with pale in comparison with our current solution. It’s almost like we finally find the correct key we have been fumbling around looking for to open up a lock.
This concept is particularly true in the 12 step world. Many of us had floundered around for a long time looking for the solution to our drinking, drugging or binging over food. We had tried controlled usage, hypnosis, special diets, periodic abstinence, therapy and a myriad number of other strategies. For the vast majority of us, these were only a stop gap measure at best. Most of the time we returned to our drug of choice. It was only when we entered into the rooms of AA, NA and OA that we finally found a lasting solution. As we got up at the end of our first meeting we knew we were in the right place.

Personal Reflection: How do I live in the solution using my program?

Grandpa; Grandpa

At alcohol and drug treatment programs, 12 step meetings are part of the daily schedule. At one such meeting a man who was 65 years old was qualifying. He had been in and out of detoxes and rehabs since his early 20’s. This time however he felt that things would be different. He had experienced  a spiritual awakening. He had 15 grandchildren who he loved to take to the park or fishing. Lately however, he had been avoiding them. They would call him up and say, “Grandpa; Grandpa we miss you. Why aren’t you coming over to see us”? He had no answer for them. Then it suddenly hit him. He said, “I didn’t want them to see me drunk or stinking of booze, so I stopped seeing them”. Within a short time he had checked himself in to an alcohol and drug rehab center. Now, he had some time and was telling his story to help other newcomers.
Most of us can identify the moment we made that  decision to put down drugs, alcohol, food or any other addictive substance. When it occurred it was just a small blip on the screen of our life. However, its importance can not be overestimated. Why then, often after years or decades of addiction were we able to stop using? For many of us, the only explanation was an intervention by our Higher Power.

Personal Reflection: When did I have my awakening?