Use All Your Senses, Including Your Intuition

In sobriety we needed to retrain many of aspects of ourselves. This even extended to our senses. Many of us really didn’t know how to listen. While someone was speaking, we were already formulating what we were going to say to either prove them wrong or one up man them. As we grew in the program we learn to pause and really listen deeply to what people had to say, and let their words penetrate us fully. As far as seeing was concerned, what we saw often only served to feed our judgements. “This person was too opinionated, that one was too needy”. We often misinterpreted visual clues from others; often resulting in self created problems. When we finally were able to see through sober eyes, our vision problems began to disappear.
We also neglected our sixth sense, the sense of intuition. We disregarded our “hunches” about the negative impact of certain actions or decisions, and then suffered the consequence of that choice. As sober individuals, we began to be guided by the G-d of our gut. We came to see that we needed to begin to learn to trust our intuition. That somewhere within us, was a higher aspect which tapped into an inner wisdom of what was really in our best interests.

Personal Reflection: Do I trust my intuition?