The Problem With The Center Of The Universe Is That It’s So Darned Crowded

Many shifts occur when people finally get it and enter the program. Obviously the first major shift was the giving up of our drug of choice. As a result, our lives began to dramatically improve. We started to pay better attention to our health and our doctors were very pleased with the results they were seeing. Our work environment became much more pleasant. Suddenly we were getting along much better with our co-workers. Our home life was on a much more even keel. Many of these changes rapidly occurred once we gave up drugs, alcohol, food or any other substance of choice.
A different series of changes took place over a longer period of time. We began to learn about emotional sobriety. This caused a major shift in both our thinking and actions. In the past the focus had always been on ourselves. We really did believe that we were the center of the universe. We constantly clashed with others who had the same belief system. With sobriety we began to move away from a life of self centeredness to a life of service. The further away we were from being in the center the better our life became.

Personal Reflection: How far away from the center am I?

Show Up To Grow Up

Arriving in the rooms of AA, NA, or OA in all appearances we looked like anyone else in the room. Usually we were adults ranging in age from 20 all the way up to a person in their 80s or 90’s. Sometimes we were still in our teens. At first, we couldn’t understand why some of you seemed to be so harsh with us. It seemed as if you were talking to us as if we were children. You told us, “get a sponsor!, make 90 meetings in 90 days, read the Big Book every day, etc.”. You almost sounded like our parents. Why didn’t you talk to us like an adult.
As we began to immerse ourselves in the program and work the steps we came to a realization. The reason you had been talking to us like a child was because when we were active that’s exactly how we had behaved. We had been totally self absorbed just like any 2 year old. We had done things without any concept of the consequences of our actions. Our actions often mimicked those of a rebellious teenager.
Through sobriety our way of life began to approach our chronological age. Though a bit late, we finally began to grow up.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to grow up in any area of my life?