If You Aren’t Making Some Mistakes, You’re Not Taking Enough Chances

First a word about mistakes. When we make a choice and something doesn’t work out for us, our reaction is often charged with self judgement. We might say, “I can’t believe how stupid I was”, or “like usual I’m wrong again”. It is far more advisable to have as neutral a response as possible. That is why when things go awry, we use the word mistake. For when you break the word mistake down into its component parts, we end up with a mis – take. That is, my take on things was incorrect. In the moment, I made the best decision I could, based on the information which was available to me at the time. There is no negative energy generated when we think this way.
Many of us used to avoid taking chances and trying new things because of those judgmental tapes about wrong choices. By doing so we probably ended up living lives that were very safe. The problem with this approach is that it is only by taking chances and experimenting with new course of action that growth is possible. When we played it safe, we also stayed stuck. Viewing our errors as mis – takes allows us the freedom to try new and varied things.

Personal Reflection: How do I view my mistakes?