Before I Came Into AA (NA Or OA) I Was Dead; But Did Not Know Enough To Lie Down

The years of giving in to our drug of choice had taken its toll. Physically, we often faced many problems. This was often exacerbated by the fact that we refused to visit the doctor. Often, we were in fear about what the doctor would say. When we did visit we often lied about our “usage”; either minimizing or denying that we had a problem. Emotionally, we were often an empty shell. We had so buffered ourselves with our drug of choice, that our feelings were deeply buried. Were someone asked us how we felt, we were hard pressed to give an answer. Our finances were often in ruins, due to our irresponsibility around money. As far as spirituality went, we were an empty shell. Even if at one time we had believed in G-d we now feared that we would be punished for all of our actions. Others felt that G-d had abandoned them and that there was no hope for redemption.
As we immersed ourselves in the program, an inner spark within us was kindled. All the things we thought we had lost forever began to be reclaimed. Our health improved, our emotions were reawakened and we developed a relationship with our Higher Power. We literally had come back from the dead

Personal Reflection: What areas do I still need to breathe life into?

The Day Ain’t Over Yet

There is a classic scene from a Woody Allen movie. In it Woody and his date are rapidly approaching a movie marquis. Woody abruptly stops and says, “it’s too late, the movie has already started”. His date says, “we’re only 5 minutes late”, and “didn’t you tell me that that you’ve seen this movie multiple times before?” To which Allen replies, “once the movie starts, it’s ruined for me”.

Many of us followed this line of thinking. If something negative occurred during our day, the rest of the day was ruined. If someone had offended us, we would walk around in righteous indignation about what had occurred. If we had made a mistake we walked around in judgement of ourselves for the rest of the day. Either way, the rest of the day was lost to us. Then one day we called our sponsor about what a miserable day we were having; to which he or she responded, “the day ain’t over yet”. Then it hit us. We had a choice over how we would inhabit the rest of the day. We could draw out every moment from it and make it count, or be in negativity.

Personal Reflection: Did you end the day for yourself already?