Does It Have To Be Said; Does It Have To Be Said Now; Does It Have To Be Said By Me?

Many people walk around with the belief system that they are the expert on all matters intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. They have no problem telling us and others how we should be running our lives. Although they often end up putting their foot in their mouths, they are essentially clueless. After attempting to fix us, they move on to their next victim. We discovered in the program that to our chagrin we often initially belonged to this category of people. With some time under our belts, we learned that before we spoke it was often a good idea to pause for a moment and delay our pearls of wisdom. This was often difficult for us, though sometimes we were able to control ourselves for a minute or an hour or even a day. As the minutes ticked by we began to realize that maybe what we had to say really wasn’t important or appropriate. As more time passed we realized that even if what we wanted to say was true, perhaps it was not necessary for us to be the one to speak. Our restraint of tongue actually was quite empowering and liberating. 

Personal Reflection: Do I practice restraint of tongue?