Life Is 10% How You Make It And 90% How You Take It

Entering sobriety, it was extremely difficult for many of us to process anything except the simplest of concepts. Luckily, the philosophy of the rooms can be distilled into a two part system. The first emphasizes the need for us to apply ourselves. Recovery is not something that is just going to come to us. There is real work involved. Whether it means calling our sponsors, or making a meeting, we need to put ourselves out and take an action. Once we adapt to this concept we take it on the road so to speak. We begin to apply it outside the rooms to our life in general. We slowly but surely begin to make commitments in life and then show up to honor them.
The second part of our system is rooted in learning how to cope when things don’t go according to “our” plan. How are we going to react to disappointment and rejection? Will we get up, dust ourselves off and get back on the treadmill of life? Or will we steep in anger, fear and frustration and just give up? True sobriety understands that once we put in the effort, the results are in the hands of our Higher Power. As we grow spiritually, we find that “our” plan and “His” plan are more and more often in alignment.

Personal Reflection: Is your action response ratio in the correct proportion?