Push Pause

What we would do without the pause button? How would we be able to get a snack before we continued our favorite show. Or, for that matter not have to delay going to the bathroom because the murderer in the mystery we were watching was about to be revealed. So, at this point in our lives, we are quite familiar with the pause button on our television remote.
There is another type of pause which many of us neglect or don’t even know about. That is our internal pause button. Here’s how you use use it. The next time you are about to lose your temper press your internal pause button. If you are about to pass on a juicy piece of gossip; hit pause. Are you about to make a rash decision without thinking it through? Hit that button. Do you see yourself about to beat yourself up for a decision you made? Just hit it. You need to hit pause when you see yourself beginning to obsess about a future decision. Resentments can be put on pause as well. Perhaps most importantly if you see yourself wanting to drink or drug or eat hit that pause button. In the majority of cases we have nothing to lose by pausing, and often quite a lot to gain.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to hit my pause button more often?