Came In For All The Wrong Reasons And Came Out With The Right Answers

We came to the rooms for many reasons. Our employers had sent us because they were fed up with our behavior. Our doctors had told us that our health was in danger unless we ceased our lifestyle. Family members had given us an ultimatum that we enter the rooms or leave. Some of us had gotten in trouble with the law and were mandated to enter a 12 step program. In almost every case we initially just wanted to “control” our drinking or drugging or addictive behavior. We thought the program would teach us to limit or control our actions. After we stuck with the program for a while our obsessive patterns began to lift. Beyond that, a relationship with a Higher Power of our understanding was rekindled and nourished. A sponsor was chosen to guide us through the 12 steps. New ways of thinking and acting were developed. We began to step outside of ourselves and do service for others. At times, other members even began to turn to us for counsel.

Personal Reflection: What right answer could you give a newcomer today?