Have A Good Day, Unless Of Course You Have Made Other Plans

There are a number of cartoon characters who perpetually have a rain cloud over their heads. While it’s sunny for everyone else, for them it is raining.

For some people, this description is not far from the truth. Of course we are not talking about weather conditions. Rather, we are talking about life attitude. There are people who walk around under a cloud of negativity for the whole day.
When our feet hit the ground in the morning, we have our first choice of the day. Are we going to choose to have a “good” day or “bad” day. For some of us, this might be a surprising statement. In the past we might have said, “how can I have a good day with all that I have to deal with today”? We have discovered that as we work our program; our attitude is a choice and is not dependent on the events of the day. Experience has also shown that when we include prayer and meditation as one of our first daily acts, our sense of positivity is also strengthened.

Personal Reflection: What kind of day did you plan for today?

Negativity Is My Disease Asking Me To Come Out And Play

Recent scientific research has found that some of us are hard-wired to be more positive in outlook and some of us to be more negative. Regardless of wiring, while we were chasing after our drug of choice, negativity definitely fueled our addiction. It was very easy to encounter something during the day which threw us for a loop and cast a negative pale over us. We might then and there have said to ourselves, “a drink, or a drug, or my substance of choice will help wash these feelings away”. Sometimes we would let the feelings percolate for a while, or gather up additional perceived wrongs which stirred our negativity. Then we were primed for self medication with our substance.
In sobriety, we don’t rush to negativity as quickly or as frequently as we did in the past. As part of our step work we often identify negativity as a character defect. We begin to monitor ourselves for negativity. In particular, we begin to listen carefully to the words that we mutter under our breath, or the thoughts that race thru our mind. When we realize that our disease is asking us to come out and play, we get to a meeting, or call our sponsor.

Personal Reflection: How does your disease call you to come and play?