Deepen Your Sobriety

There are many people in Twelve Step programs with years and even decades of sobriety. These very same people often make many meetings every week. To a person outside of the Program this might seem strange. “Why do you need to continue going to meetings?”, they often ask. “You haven’t had a drink or a drug in years.”

The simple answer is yes, it’s true we haven’t used in many years, but that’s because we believe we get a daily reprieve. Just because we’re sober today, doesn’t mean we won’t face challenges to our sobriety tomorrow. Going to all of those meetings keeps us “on the beam” so to speak.

On a more profound level, sobriety means much more than not just taking a drink or a drug or going on a food binge. For us, sobriety is a life path. It includes how we treat our family and friends and coworkers. It puts the spotlight on how we conduct ourselves in traffic when someone wants to merge into our lane and at the local supermarket when the cashier is as slow as molasses. Perhaps most importantly, sobriety is about how we treat ourself when we make a mistake or get hurt by another.

True sobriety takes time. The only way to deepen our sobriety is to continue making meetings, reading the Big Book, calling our sponsor, and doing all of those things which help us grow individually and as a member of our the fellowship. 

Personal Reflection: Have I deepened my sobriety lately?