Reality Is For People Who Can’t Handle Drugs, Alcohol Or Food

It is obvious that not everyone who drinks needs to go to AA. There are millions of people the world over who are social drinkers and will remain so for the duration of their lives.The same holds true in relationship to food. Overeating at a restaurant or stuffing yourself at a smorgasbord does not mean that you immediately qualify for OA. Without getting into a legal or moral debate, there are countless people who can use drugs recreationally without issues of addiction.
Then of course there are the people who belong in a fellowship. For them, alcohol, food or drugs might have initially been used socially. However, over time the patterns of usage of the substance changed. More of it was consumed and the frequency of use increased. It often reached a point where the quality of life of the user and those around them began to decline due to drugs alcohol or food. Substances became the “antidote” to the vicissitudes of life. Even when we wanted to stop we found we could not do so.
In program we finally learned that we could not drink or drug safely. We could no longer use substances to buffer life. As we began to live one day at a time; we started to feel the exhilaration of life on life’s terms; and no longer needed to deaden ourselves with food, drugs and alcohol.

Personal Reflection: Am I enjoying my reality?

Sobriety Delivered Everything That Alcohol (Or Drugs Or Food) Promised

At a thousand meetings, from a thousand qualifications, the same thing was said over and over again. It sounded something like the following. “Growing up, I never felt comfortable in my own skin. I felt like a square peg in a round hole. I was the one who was afraid to get on the dance floor, ask someone for a date or try out for the team”.Then I took my first drink or drug. Everything changed. Suddenly I had the courage to do almost anything. For the first time in my life, I felt comfortable in my own skin”.

Initially, our attempts at self-medication worked. Over time, we discovered that we had to increase our intake of our drug of choice to achieve the same results. At some point, all of the old feelings returned and our usage kept increasing with serious life consequences.

In sobriety we are learning to accept life on life’s terms. We are becoming more comfortable in our own skins. Not through self-medication but through engaging in 12 step work, sharing at meetings and doing service. We have discovered that there are no quick fixes; but sobriety creates changes which become a fabric of our very being.

Personal Reflection: What benefits have I reaped from sobriety?