Give All Your Problems To G-d; He’s Up All Night Anyway

How many countless nights have we tossed in bed ruminating about our life? Sometimes we were stuck in reviewing our past behaviors. In most cases, we ended up berating ourselves for what we should or could have done. Other times, we focused on future events. These often loomed before us with fearful outcomes. From a rational place, we understood that the past was just that and there was nothing we could do about it. We also on some level knew that we could not control future outcomes, even with all of our obsessing. Yet, we used up an incredible amount of emotional and physical energy in thinking about the past and future.
What a relief it was to discover a new way of thinking. We could let go of these debilitating thoughts; because we saw they only caused us pain and confusion. Our experience had taught us that the problems were never solved by our ruminations. As our trust in a Higher Power deepened, we began to ask G-d for assistance in all aspects of life. We prayed for His help in dealing with that critical inner parent that would not let go of the past. We asked that fear of future outcome be transformed into focusing on the present. When we let go of the past and future, both our waking and sleeping hours became more serene.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to turn over something to my Higher Power?

Get Out Of The Driver’s Seat

The concept of powerlessness is often a difficult one to accept. Most of us would like to believe that we are in charge of our own destinies. That we could start or stop any behavior we wanted to at any time. When we got honest with ourselves, we admitted that this was not case. At least, not for our drug of choice. Whether it was alcohol, drugs or food we could not stop using it in an addictive way. That’s when we finally said, “I’m powerless over substance X”.
As we began to examine our life, we found that we had been attempting to change other behaviors for a long time. Perhaps it was anger or resentment or jealousy that kept popping up in our life. Try as we might, our behavior did not change. That’s when we realized that we could turn our defects of character over to our Higher Power. It had worked for us around our drug of choice; for our obsession to use had lifted. We began to apply the same principle¬†to other areas of our life. We stilled worked on ourselves.¬†We just became open to the possibility of G-d entering the equation.

Personal Reflection: Am I the driver or the passenger?