I Always Wanted To Serve G-d; I Just Wanted To Do It As An Advisor

There are those in the program who profess to be atheists. For them, their Higher Power is the group itself. In fact, in AA they say that G-d stands for Group Of Drunks. There are others who do believe in a Higher Power. Many of them however get upset when the G-d of their understanding doesn’t deliver. They will make a comment like, ” I don’t understand it. I specifically told G-d what I needed and he didn’t come through for me”. It’s almost like they view G-d as Santa Claus. All you have to do is tell G-d what you want, and He will make it happen. Many members grow out of this thinking and join a third group. This last group also believes in G-d. They too will ask Him for things. The difference is that they have little or no expectation regarding their requests. They believe that their Higher Power has their best interests in mind. If the item we prayed for is part of our destiny to receive, then it will happen. We still need to do the work to reach our goal. After that it’s in G-d’s hands.

Personal Reflection: Do I sometimes think I’m G-d’s advisor?