Take the Cotton Out of Your Ears and Put it in Your Mouth

Each of us possesses the ability to speak and the ability to listen. For many of us, the distribution was far from equal. We were experts on everything and everyone. As such, we were comfortable offering our opinion whether asked for or not. For us, the purpose of a conversation was to get as much of our opinion in as possible. When we entered the rooms an old timer would often come up to us and say, “take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth”. At first we were highly insulted. Who were they to tell us what to do? Over time we came to realize that they were correct. There was a lot of wisdom being transmitted at meetings. If all we were thinking about was what we were going to say when it became our turn to speak, we were missing out on a big part of the program. It wasn’t only about gaining knowledge, we also needed to learn to identify. This only began to happen when we really listened deeply.

Personal Reflection: How deeply did I listen to others today?