I Hear What I Need To Hear At Meetings

Sometimes it is a struggle to get to a meeting. It’s raining or cold outside, we’re too tired or just not in the mood. Regardless, we push ourselves and get to the meeting. Usually we hear something or speak about something that resonates with us and we’re glad we came. Then there are times that although we’re glad we came to the meeting, nothing of note was said or heard that particularly moved us. Or so we thought. A few days, or a week or even a month passes and then we have an incredible insight. Perhaps the answer to a problem that we have been grappling with; or just the right words to conclude a letter to an old friend. Sometimes an unexpected shift takes place in our life after a long period of inactivity. When we examine all of these more closely, we often find that the germination for the solution or the life shift was seeded in that “relatively unproductive” meeting. If nothing else, the meeting primed us to recognize our new opportunity for growth. Now all we have to do is seize it.

Personal Reflection: What did I here at a meeting recently that I needed to hear?