Your Worth Should Never Depend On Another Person’s Opinion

There are three levels of interaction with others. Some people are totally dependent on the opinions of others. What they choose to do or say is entwined with the reactions or anticipated reactions of other people. This group of people will hold back from what they really want to do, or go along with the crowd not because they want to but because of fear of scorn by others. Because of this they miss out on the life they really want to have, and have a low self image to boot.
The next group of people claim to have no concern about what others think. On the surface, this appears to be a very healthy course of action. More often than not, they are actually taking this position to flaunt their disregard for authority. As a result, they will often engage in outrageous behavior as a sign of rebelliousness. Purple hair and male senior citizens with earrings belong to this second group.
The last group are able to choose their lifestyle based on what their needs are and what best serves them. They are able to do so because they have discovered that other people are really not paying attention to them anyway. Codependency and rebelliousness have become redundant. How they feel about themselves is generated by a healthy self image.

Personal Reflection: Which group do I gravitate towards?