It’s OK to Say Let Me Think About It

Everything in our society has accelerated. From the speed athletes can run a mile in, to the processing time of computers. People are looking for rapid weight lose and a quick way they can double their money. Fast food has become a staple in most households. This acceleration has affected human relationships as well. There are whirlwind engagements and speed dating. The list goes go on and on.
For those of us in recovery, we need to exercise caution when it comes to life speeding up. In the past we often acted impulsively and failed to exercise judgement. More often than not this resulted in problems down the road for us. Some of that impulsive nature was rooted in fear. We felt that if we didn’t immediately respond to a request, that somehow you would think less of us or not like us. We ended up to agreeing to courses of action that were to our detriment. In the program we learned that it’s okay to tell someone that we need more time before we give an answer. In the past we probably would have been in judgement of ourselves had we taken that course of action. Today we can endorse ourselves for exercising care and weighing our options.

Personal Reflection: Do I still act impulsively?