When I Got In Touch With My Hope I Began To See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Many of us felt we were one of the hopeless cases. We had tried countless times to stop from giving into our addictions. We had oft repeated, “tomorrow will be better. I promise that this is my last one”. Our lives had become one long string of broken promises. Along the way we had deeply hurt many friends and family members. When we finally entered the program, all of that began to change. Miraculously, our obsession to use began to lift. Days of sobriety turned into weeks and then months. For the first time in a long time we felt that when we said, “tomorrow will be better”, we really believed it. Our hope grew as we began to mend all of those broken promises to ourselves and others. We began to truly be a trustworthy member of the community. In sobriety we discovered that there were still going to be a lot of dark moments. We also knew that during those times, we could tap into our inner light of hope.

Personal Reflection : How did I make contact with hope today?