Accept Your Admission

We all the took that first step. After a long time of making excuses, we finally admitted that we were powerless over alcohol, food, drugs, sex, gambling or whatever our addiction of choice was. Some of us felt a tumble of relief like a heavy weight had been lifted from our chest. That deep dark secret finally had the light of day shown on it and was now in the open. Those were the lucky ones. Many of us began to back pedal immediately. “What was I thinking”, they exclaimed. “There is just no way that I’m an addict. You people had me under your sway and I admitted to something that just wasn’t true. How could I be an addict? I’m a successful businessman or businesswomen. I have advanced degrees from college. No one in many family ever drank or used drugs”
To you we say, “take a deep breath”. All you’ve done is admit that you have a problem. If you choose not to do anything about it, that is your choice. We are members of a program of attraction rather than promotion. If you want to go out there and test the waters again that is your prerogative. What we do know is that it took you a long time to get here and finally admit you were powerless and your life was unmanageable. Why don’t you stick around, have a cup of coffee and hear what we have to say.

Personal Reflection: Do you fully and completely accept your admission?