They Came Through The Back Door Of AA

Many families have suffered because of the drinking or drugging of a family member. After years of pleading and angry confrontations the alcoholic or addict finally enters the program. Over time, one can see that they are doing better on many levels. They relatively quickly regain their health. Their work situation also improves as well. The non addict family members breathe a sigh of relief and hopes they can now move forward; closing an unfortunate chapter in their lives.
To their dismay, there are still many problems in their relationship with the now sober spouse, parent or child. Although they put down their drug of choice, an entirely new set of problems begins to emerge. Upon investigation, the “non addict” realizes that addiction was a family disease. Certain family dynamics were established during the years of alcohol, drug or food abuse. Many of the so called “innocent” spouses, parents or children weren’t so innocent after all. Perhaps they were enablers or deniers. They realized that they needed help as well to deal with their role in the family disease of alcoholism and addiction. They needed to admit that they were powerless over their addict family member. That’s when they walked through the doors of Alanon or Naranon and began their own recovery journey.

Personal Reflection: Do I as the non addict work my own program of recovery?