G-d Brought Me To AA And AA Brought Me To G-d

There are countless stories as to how people ended up on the doorstep of an AA meeting. Over and over again people have shared that they suddenly felt impelled to attend their first meeting. They might have gone years or even decades without nary a thought of AA. Even if the concept had entered their mind, it was quickly forgotten. Some of course had “tried” the program and had quickly dropped it. Yet here they were now sitting in a meeting and knowing in some deep way that the program was the solution to their problems.
Many of these people believe that their attending that particular meeting on that particular day was not a chance occurrence. Rather, it was a direct act of Divine Intervention.
This was all the more surprising because these same people had felt that G-d had given up on them a long time ago. In response, they had often also given up their belief in a Higher Power. Through the program of AA and it’s sister programs, they began to re establish a relationship with a Higher Power of their understanding. That relationship opened up many new vistas for their personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

Personal Reflection: How has My Higher Power been a part of my program of recovery?

G-d Helped Me In The Past Even When I Turned My Back On Him

Early on in our sobriety, many of us didn’t get this G-d or Higher Power thing. We claimed that given our track records, it was impossible for us to believe in a Higher Power. If there was a G-d, we had never seen him in our lives. How could G-d have allowed us to lose our spouses, get fired from jobs, suffer from sickness and face bankruptcy. If there was a G-d he certainly wasn’t a part of our lives.
In sobriety we have come to realize that our Higher Power was with us all along. As we recount our stories we begin to see that there were countless incidents of G-d’s intervention which we had chalked up to coincidence. Today, we think differently. We no longer believe in the law of accident. In fact, our experience has shown us that the more we pay attention to the travails of life, the more we see G-d’s hand. The more closely we listen, the more frequently we hear G-d talking to us through other people. We realize how blessed our lives truly are.

Personal Reflection: How can I create the space for G-d to enter my life?