From Dependence To Independence

It was an extremely liberating experience to put down alcohol, drugs, food or whatever was our drug of choice. For years we had come to rely on substances to get us through the day. Initially, this life plan worked well for us. Many of us had been searching for the answer to the struggles and pains of life. Over time however our drug of choice exhibited diminishing returns. Finally, we were using because we had become totally dependent on alcohol, food or drugs; and the discomforts of life were ever present.
In sobriety we no longer had to turn to substances. We were finally free of our addiction to our drug of choice. As we continued to work the program, we realized that our dependence on drugs and alcohol was only the tip of the iceberg. Many of us were entangled in extremely codependent relationships. We were also dependent on life always going according to our plan. As we grew in sobriety, that dependence on people places and things began to diminish. We came to truly understand what “acceptance” was all about. As that occurred, over time we instituted our own personal Declaration of Independence.

Personal Reflection: How independent am I really?