Any Fool Can Criticize, And Many Of Them Do

No one on the planet is perfect. Throughout the ages spiritual masters have admitted to their imperfections. That being the case, we can certainly benefit from the advice of others. In the program we place some boundaries around this. The first is that we do not give unsolicited advice. If a person comes to us and asks for our input we are more than glad to share it. If we see a person can benefit from our help, we might even go over to them and ask them if they would like some feedback or advice. If they say no, then we need to practice restraint and keep our mouths shut. Even if we think that what we have to say will solve their issue, we need to remain quiet.
The area we need to be most careful about is offering advice in the form of criticism. This is especially true when we insult someone’s intelligence or abilities. Most of us believe that we are careful about criticizing others. Sometimes however we think we are giving good sound advice when in reality we are criticizing our fellow. Generally speaking if we are not 100% clear about what we are saying and how it will affect the listener we are better off remaining quiet.

Personal Reflection: Do I carefully monitor how I speak to others?