It’s Only A Problem If I Make It A Problem

Sometimes we wish we were more like ducks. The feathers of a duck are waterproof.
They are covered with an oil secreted by the duck which creates a waterproof barrier. Of course, in this analogy we are talking about something more than the elimination of umbrellas.
Metaphorically speaking, life rains down challenges on us on a daily basis. Some people are more duck like. When an issue arises, they examine their options, chose one and proceed with the solution. Most importantly, their level of reaction and response is commensurate with the seriousness of the issue. They are pretty waterproofed from overreacting.
Then there are the rest of us. When even a small issue arises, we often overreact. In our minds we visualize the most negative outcome possible. As a result we frequently walk around in a state of negativity. Our interactions with others becomes charged with temperamental language. Until there is a resolution, we can spend countless hours in unnecessary rumination.
Part of sobriety is recognizing when we are sliding down that slippery slope of overreacting to a challenge. When we are able to put the brakes on our thinking, we have entered into a new level of awareness and consciousness.

Personal Reflection: Do I tend to make problems out of challenges?