Whenever I’m Upset; What Step Or Slogan Am I Not Working?

Many philosophers say that we are born with a blank slate. By this they mean that our lives are not pre-determined. This gives us the opportunity to craft the life that we want. What a fantastic notion. We can live a life that allows us to fulfill a destiny unlike any other. There is also a down side to being born with that blank slate. Our lives do not come with an instruction manual. Those pages were left out of the birth and growth process. Without that manual, some of us turned to alcohol, drugs or food to solve the daily challenges of life. When we final gave up on that solution, we turned to the fellowship. Luckily for us, we now do have an instruction manual. It is called “The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous”. Within its pages are guidelines for living a sober, productive and happy life. As many of us have discovered, reading the book is not enough. It’s critical that we put into practice all of it’s instructions and principles. When we find that our life is not working for us, we need to go back to that manual for direction. A good starting point is to find a step or a slogan that we can utilize to deal with our current problem.

Personal Reflection: what step or slogan do I turn to most often?