Spend 10% On The Problem And 90% On The Solution

When we were younger and in school, many of us struggled with certain subjects. In particular, math was a stumbling block which we had to grapple with. We were so happy when we finally got thru algebra, geometry or trigonometry. We rejoiced in that we would never have to confront math problems again.
Perhaps we should have paid a little more attention in class to the topic of percentages. Often, we still seem to be mixed up around them. When it comes to life problems and their solutions the correct distribution of energy has eluded us. We focus the majority of our attention on the problem. We obsess about it, turning it over and over in our minds for days on end. When we finally have had enough of this behavior we will make a hasty decision on the solution. It’s math class all over again. We have our percentages reversed. Yes, we have to admit that we have a problem and examine it. However, the bulk of our energy needs to be spent on the solution. When we do so, we have a much greater chance of selecting a resolution that will ultimately improve our lot in life. That my friend is the new math.

Personal Reflection: Am I a student of the new math?

So Easy To Mess Up When You’re Running On Overwhelm

Every day we face a new set of challenges. If we allow it to happen, we can quickly become overwhelmed. This often occurs because we are unable to say no to people. After years of self-centered behavior, many recovering people feel they need to make up for lost time. Whenever they are called upon for help, they immediately say yes. The problem with this approach is that it can cause us to overload our circuits. As we attempt to squeeze more and more into the day, we begin to see some of our old behaviors returning. Before we know it, we have lost our serenity and are full of fear, anger and resentment. What also happens is that as we fill up our day with so many commitments, we begin to neglect our program. We end up skipping meetings and failing to call our sponsor because we have spread ourselves too thin. Part of sobriety is maintaining a healthy balance between service and self-care.

Sometimes we even need to say no to ourselves. Perhaps we need to stay home when we’re feeling tired and read a book instead of going to the gym for a late night workout.

Personal Reflection: How close are you to overwhelm today?