Every Day Is A Holiday, Every Meal Is A Banquet

Each and every one of us has received a most precious gift; the gift of life. When we recover from a life threatening illness, or escape from a serious accident, something interesting occurs. For the following few days, weeks or even months afterwards, we develop a new found appreciation for life itself. We begin to savor some of life’s simple pleasures. A walk in the park because a symphony of bird song, a visit with our grandchildren becomes an overwhelming emotional experience. In all likelihood we have already experienced all of these life moments in our past. What has changed is our perception of the event.
In program, many of us believe that these heightened moments are our Higher Power giving us a glimpse of the reality of the grandeur and majesty of life. After undergoing a deeply traumatic or emotional experience we believe that some of the veils which limit our perceptions are lifted. We have also found that over time as we resume our routines, our perceptions return to “normal”. That being said we can tap into that heightened sense of reality once again. As we practice “one day at a time” we begin to be more present for more moments during the day. As that happens, our reality shifts and our emotions and perceptions are invigorated.

Personal Reflection: How fully do I appreciate my life?