If You Don’t Believe, Than Make Believe

Coming into the program, you don’t have to believe anything.
You don’t even have to believe that you can stay sober. All you need to do is make believe than you can. This means that every day when you get up just imagine that you can be sober for that day. Just for that day take the actions that a sober person would take. Even if you don’t believe you will stay sober for that day.
You don’t even have to believe in the power of the program. All you have to do is imagine that the program can work for you. Throughout your day follow the suggestions that have been given to you by program people. Even if you don’t believe in it, make a meeting, call your sponsor and do some type of service.
You don’t even have to believe that you have a Higher Power. Use your imagination and evolve a personal G-d of your understanding. Then throughout your day turn to your Higher Power; even though you don’t believe in Him.
Somewhere along the way, all of those make believe actions begin to take root and before you know it, your beginning to believe.
Do you think I’m wrong? Just for today, make believe I’m right and believe in yourself, the program and a Higher Power.

Personal Reflection: What do I still need to make believe in?