About Insights from the Rooms

On April 28, 2000, at the age of 49, I finally got what it meant to be “sick and tired of being sick tired”. On that day, I was finally able to say, “Hi! My name is Moshe and I’m an alcoholic”. Since that time, I’ve gone to hundreds of AA meetings as well as meetings in other fellowships. I now am able to say, “Hi! My name is Moshe and I’m a gratefully recovering alcoholic”.

I’ve discovered that there is an incredible transmission of wisdom which takes place at meetings. Some of it is a quoting from The Big Book or from The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Beyond that we’ve also evolved an oral tradition of sayings which have been repeated and passed from meeting to meeting across time and space.

I have found these short aphorisms to be incredibly helpful in my recovery. Rarely has a day gone by where I don’t reference an event or a feeling without a quote from Program.

To that end, I have created this blog. I could think of no better name than Insights from the Rooms to freely give to others what I have so freely received. On a biweekly basis I will present a “saying” which was heard at a meeting, or heard in conversation with another 12 step member. I’ve chosen sayings that personally resonate with me. For each saying, I’ve written a short paragraph of my take on its deeper meaning. I’ve also added a personal reflection on that days quote. You might like to reflect on it as well. In addition, I’ve also included some stories from group members that I have found to be particularly instructive.

Because this is an oral tradition, perhaps you heard the saying stated somewhat differently. That’s great!! There is no right or wrong here. I would love to hear your version of it. If you have a particular saying that has special meaning for you, let me know. I will share it with others through this blog.

Finally, most of the sayings quoted are from oral sources. Occasionally though, I will let something slip in that comes from The Big Book or from The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions or similar sources. They deserve their due as well.

In fellowship,

Moshe K.


9 thoughts on “About Insights from the Rooms

  1. Hi Moshe, I really like and honor you for your courage and initiative.. and for including the word “gratefully” with recovering. The latter takes on greater meaning and depth, when paired with the first, doesn’t it?


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