AA Introduces You To A Sponsor……

AA (NA or OA) introduces you to a sponsor……

Many a beginner has protested against the idea of getting a sponsor. They think that once they have put down their drug of choice, everything else will fall into place. What that don’t understand is that it is precisely because of their thinking while active that they ended up in unhealthy and often dangerous situations. Once they humbled themselves and committed to speaking with a sponsor they discovered just how convoluted their thinking was.

The sponsor introduces you to the Steps……

As we began to speak with our sponsor, we realized that he or she was not giving us random advice or opinion. Almost immediately they began to take us through the Steps. We began to discover more and more about ourselves as part of the process. Our sponsor also reminded us that a personal inventory needed to assess our strengths as well as our character defects.

The Steps introduce you to God……

As we worked the Steps there was a recognition that we could not successfully navigate sobriety without assistance. In the past, we had relied on drugs, alcohol, food, people, places and things to assist us. In step 2 we finally surrendered and “came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

God introduces you to yourself…..

Over time as we called our sponsor, worked the Steps and called upon our Higher Power something miraculous began to happen. We began to change. Long held resentments were dropped. Owed amends were made. We began to experience the hand of God more and more in our life. Our Higher Power began to reveal to us the possibility of the man or woman we were meant to be.

Personal Reflection: Is more work needed for me to come to know myself?

3 thoughts on “AA Introduces You To A Sponsor……

  1. Sponsorship saved my life. At 16 years I was headed out the door with a plan to kill myself. I was fed up with AA, my wife was in the psych ward, my dream home was in foreclosure, I was making 9.50 an hour… the world was against me.

    On the way to the bridge, I decided to go to a meeting. Walked in, sat down at a table, and stared at the sugar bowl for the whole hour. The guy next to me tried to talk with me but I refused to even acknowledge his presence. At the end of the meeting, he reached over and shook my shoulders and asked, “What are you afraid of?”

    That simple question changed everything for me. We sat and talked for hours. He invited me to a beginners group meeting, gave me his number, shook my hand and we walked to my car. I gave him my pistol. With a hug, he said, “See you next Saturday. We are starting over with Step 1.”

    That was the beginning of my rekindling AA spirit. He became my sponsor, took me through the steps the way they did them in the 1940s, and we have been working together since.

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