We Are All Walking Repositories of Buried Treasure—Elizabeth Gilbert

Dear Friends:

I haven’t posted to my blog in over two years because I was tapping into my buried treasure. During that time I’ve been working on a book entitled Insights from the Rooms. It is a collection of 366 of my best posts, with revisions and new material. You can get it immediately from my publisher by pressing the link below. 

You can get a free sample on Amazon if you go to the Kindle Edition of Insights from the Rooms. You can also purchase the paperback edition on Amazon; but there will be a delay because it hasn’t officially been released to Amazon. If you decide to get the book and you like it, a positive review on Amazon would be great.

I will shortly be returning to posting more “insights” on this site

Feels really good to have completed this work; and now I’m already thinking about the next one.

What buried treasure are you tapping into?


Get the book