All Of Us Have A Winning Lottery Ticket In Our Pockets

Some people regularly buy lottery tickets. Every week they check their ticket against the winning numbers. A person could do this for years and never even get close to winning. The fact of the matter is that the odds of winning the lottery are infinitesimally small. That’s why weeks can go by with millions of players and no winners.
No need to be discouraged. You actually having a winning lottery ticket in your pocket. Well, not exactly a ticket that will give you millions in winnings. But, a winning ticket nonetheless. When we enter the program we have a new shot at life. We can come back from financial ruin. Relationships that we thought were over can be revived. We can regain the trust of friends and family. Even our health can dramatically improve. These and many other gifts are within our reach if we maintain our sobriety and work our program. Sometimes we tend to forget what an incredible gift sobriety has been. You really can’t even put a price on it. One thing we know for certain. It is not even necessary to buy a lottery ticket to win big time in this life.

Personal Reflection: Have I checked my pockets for my lottery ticket lately?

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