Clean And Sober; Not Dead

When we came into the program many of us thought our life was over. How were we going to interact with people without our social lubricant? How would we be able to reward ourselves without a drink or a drug? Where else could we find solace when no one else could understand how tough a life we had?
So we were pretty glum when we walked into our first meeting. Then it hit us. Nobody else in the room seemed to share our despair. Sure, some people were sharing about some serious problems but they seemed to relax a little bit after they had finished.
After the meeting there was no shortage of social interchange taking place and it was not fueled by alcohol and drugs. In fact there was a lot of laughter, smiles and good fellowship taking place.
As we immersed ourselves in the program we realized that in a way we had been right. Our old life was no more. In a manner of speaking, part of us had died and we had indeed been reborn. The new life we had entered held so much more possibility than the one we had left behind.

Personal Reflection: In what ways have I been given another life?

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