When You Are A Sponsor You Get Out Of Yourself

There are many practices in the program which initially seem to be counter intuitive. Recently at a meeting a fellow was complaining about his life. He was having trouble with his wife and kids, had issues at work and was struggling financially. At the meeting after the meeting an old timer approached this fellow. Sure enough he was still complaining about his lot in life. The old timer joined the conversation and asked him, “do you have any sponsees?”
Some might find this question to be a surprising one. Rather than follow up on this fellow’s complaints, the old timer shifted the conversation. The truth is that a sponsee is a wonderful gift of recovery. It forces us to work our program more diligently. How can we give advice to a sponsee if we ourselves are not engaged in that practice? Perhaps as importantly, a sponsee helps us get out of ourselves. When we are busy helping others, we tend to think less about ourselves. Some of that internal chatter dies down as we focus on another. In some small measure we are giving back for the recovery which we have so freely received.

Personal Reflection: Do you have a sponsee?

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