Tomorrow Is Not Promised

Pushing off till another day had become a mantra for many of us. We were true procrastinators. Why should we do it today when we could always do it tomorrow or next week, month or year. We stayed in jobs we hated and told ourselves we would look for another one some other time. Unhealthy relationships were prolonged because we weren’t quite ready to pull the plug. Perhaps what we procrastinated most about was changing our addictive use of alcohol, drugs, food or other substances. We promised to put it down after the holidays, next month, in the spring or however far we could push it back. As a result we remained stuck for years and often decades.
Entering the program, one of the first slogans we encountered was “one day at a time.” We learned to keep the focus on the 24 hours ahead. We had absolutely no power over the future. Our efforts were best concentrated on the present. Given that this was the case, we decided to live our lives as fully as possible each day. We focused on making every day, hour and minute count. When our heads hit the pillow at night we were able to examine how fully we had lived our day. Even though tomorrow was not guaranteed, we resolved to live the next day as consciously as possible.

Personal Reflection: How can I make today count?

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