Growing Old Is Mandatory; Growing Up Is Optional

Most of look in the mirror at least once a day. Because we do so, we are not really aware of the subtle changes of aging. Perhaps we notice that we are getting grey or that we are putting on a little weight around the middle. Other than that we probably don’t see any recognizable difference as compared to how we looked 10 or 20 years ago. That is until we find an old photograph of ourselves and see how much we have aged. Growing old is one of the basic inevitabilities of life.
While we were drinking and drugging many of us attempted to escape the reality of adulthood. We might have looked like adults, but our actions belied that fact. We often shrugged off any type of personal responsibility for our actions. If we felt like staying out all night and leaving our family alone we did so. If we didn’t like how our boss spoke to us, we quit, regardless of how that would affect other people in our lives.
It was only when we entered the program that we began to grow up. For perhaps the first time in many years we got honest and admitted to ourselves and others just how childlike and self centered our actions had been. Only then did our emotional age begin to catch up to our chronological one.

Personal Reflection: In what aspect my life do I still need to grow up?

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