Feel, Deal And Heal

As we go through the day it’s perfectly normal to encounter a wide range of emotions. Some of these will be pleasurable while others are uncomfortable or downright painful. Prior to the program we sought a release from feelings which caused us discomfort or pain through our drug of choice. Because we buffered feelings with alcohol, drugs or food, we never really got a chance to find a resolution to many of these painful circumstances. When a difficulty came up, we just covered it with a substance.
In sobriety, we have chosen a different pathway. When things happen in our lives which cause us to become angry, resentful, fearful or sad, we no longer attempt to escape. Rather, we allow ourselves to feel the feelings. Sobriety has helped us to identify these feelings and seek a solution to whatever is bothering us. We no longer need to cover over our problems. We can take steps to deal with the anger, fear, or any other emotion which has overrun us. Over time we evolve strategies which help us avoid many life situations which in the past would have caused us harm. Utilizing the steps we begin to heal the wreckage of our past.

Personal Reflection: Am I walking around with unresolved feelings?

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