The Only Qualification For Me To Help You Is That You Need To Ask

Mental telepathy would make our lives so much easier. If we could read other people’s minds, we could find out so much information effortlessly. We would know when someone needed our help. If a person had a resentment towards us, we could immediately make amends and repair the relationship. Of course, as of now mental telepathy doesn’t exist. Yet, some people seem to think that it does.
People walk around expecting others to be able to read their minds. When that doesn’t happen, they will say things like, “I can’t believe that she didn’t call me when she knew I was so upset”, or “I’m so annoyed that he didn’t help me clean the dishes. Didn’t he see me standing there at the sink?”
In recovery, we learned early on that we needed to ask others for help if we wanted it. Perhaps our fear of being told no or our perfectionism prevented us from asking for another’s assistance. We also learned that asking others for aid would not guarantee their assistance. However, one thing was for sure. If we didn’t ask, we would be left alone and without help.
Finally, once we began to ask others in the fellowship for assistance we discovered how many people were willing to go to any length to help us.

Personal Reflection: How can I give or receive help today?

5 thoughts on “The Only Qualification For Me To Help You Is That You Need To Ask

  1. Love the title!
    I’m wondering..would it really be nice to know what goes on in somebody’s mind? Well I’m not entirely sure I’d love that. There’s a certain amount of curiosity and intrigue that exists only because we don’t know everything. However I completely agree with you when you point out that people expect things to be done without then being asked for, it is irrational. But that surprise rose or that unexpected gift does bring a smile to our face, doesn’t it?

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  2. I very much enjoyed your poem. For me much of my happiness is self generated based on my attitude.That being said, sometimes I need to ask people for help to reach a goal which will bring me some degree of happiness, or serenity or satisfaction.


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