It’s A Shame We Can’t Forget Our Troubles The Same Way We Forget Our Blessings

Ask the average person to make a list of what’s wrong with their life. They would have little difficulty coming up with a litany of complaints. In short order they would hand you an extensive list. Complaints would include issues with the family, the job, friends, and associates.

Now ask the same person to come up with a list of what’s good in their life. Generally, they would have much more difficulty coming up with the blessings they possess. You would also find that the list of blessings would be much shorter than that of the problems.
Listening to some people you would think that they never had a bright moment in their day. Even the thoughts they keep to themselves are often found to be of a negative nature.
Part of recovery is becoming more aware of our negativity. One suggestion is that every time we have a negative thought, we supplant it with a positive one. Initially this might occur dozens of times. With practice the frequency of our negativity will diminish and be replaced with a sense of blessing.

Personal Reflection: What blessings have I forgotten to acknowledge today?

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