Detachment Not Amputation

No matter how hard we work our program, sometimes we need to detach from other people. This usually occurs because as we grow in our program, some of the people from our past do not accept some of the changes we have made in ourselves. For a multitude of reasons they want us to return to our old ways. Even though we politely and often firmly tell them that we no longer want to engage in “our old dance” they continue to escalate to force us to return to our old behavior. When this occurs it is best for us to detach in as loving a way as possible.
After a period of time, many of these people will begin to accept our changed self. We can reestablish our relationship with a new set of boundaries. This can often be the basis for an entirely new chapter in our relationship. Many newcomers are far too quick to jettison relationships with family, friends and colleagues because these people are not used to the sober person who stands before them. By separating from people for a limited period of time, we can, when possible rekindle our connection with them.

Personal Reflection: Do I need to detach from someone in my life for the time being?

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