Anonymity Is So Important It’s Half Of Our Name

Stand on any check out line in any supermarket in the United States and you will pass through a gauntlet of celebrity gossip magazines. One of the prices of being a celebrity is losing the right to privacy. Famous people are photographed and gossiped about wherever thy go. Even when they are attempting to have a private moment, it rarely takes place because of their celebrity.
There is one place in the world where a movie star or famous comedienne or well known singer will have there anonymity respected. That place is in the rooms of AA, NA and OA. Many of us in the program have encountered a famous person attending a meeting. Although they might be a leading man or woman in a hit film with millions of adoring fans; in the rooms of the fellowship they are just another alcoholic or addict attempting to live one day at a time. The reason they feel comfortable enough to come to a meeting is because they know we will respect their anonymity. When we say, ” who you see here, what you hear here, let in stay here”, we are very serious about this sentiment. When we leave a meeting even if we saw our favorite actor or sports figure we keep it to ourselves.

Personal Reflection: Am I careful about protecting the anonymity of others?

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