Chair A Meeting

In the rooms of AA, NA and OA there are many opportunities for us to take a commitment. Doing service is one of the cornerstones of the program. Somehow however some of us always seem to avoid taking a turn as chairperson of a meeting. We are willing to make the coffee, be a greeter or even be a treasurer. When it comes to chairing the meeting we end up sitting on our hands when they are looking for volunteers for this position. This is especially true where the chairperson needs to speak about a topic or a reading each week during their term.
And that is exactly why people should volunteer for this position. By doing so it allows the person to be self reflective on a weekly basis. It builds strength of commitment because we know we need to show up every week without fail. For those who have difficulty speaking in front of groups it forces us to confront those fears. It also allows other members of the fellowship to get to know us on a deeper basis. When we take on the commitment of leadership it helps build our self esteem. After our tenure is over we often feel much more comfortable about sharing.

Personal Reflection: How could volunteering to lead a meeting be helpful to us?

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