Just Because You Have A Pain Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be One

Just because you have a pain doesn’t mean you have to be one.

One of the powers of the program is that we are not alone. If you are going through a rough patch you can certainly call your sponsor about it. Not only will you have an opportunity to vent, you can also seek out solutions. The same holds true for meetings. The more meetings you attend the more opportunities you will have to share what is happening in your life. There is also the meeting after the meeting where you can get advice as well. All of these actions are encouraged in the program.
That being said we do not endorse unacceptable behavior just because a person is feeling angry, fearful, resentful, guilty or victimized. When we are being self reflective and share at a meeting the emphasis needs to be on ourself and not others. Just because we are full of emotion doesn’t give us the right to take someone else’s inventory. It certainly doesn’t give us the right to lash out or to act in an inappropriate way. Our goal is to practice emotional sobriety. This is especially true when we’re encountering difficulties during our day.

Personal Reflection: How do I maintain emotional sobriety?

4 thoughts on “Just Because You Have A Pain Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be One

  1. It is proven that when one bounces ideas back and forth positively, it has stabilizing, strengthening, and healing effects. If negatively… not so much.

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  2. I completely agree with the thought… And the title says it all. I know several people (and I worked with one) who are ride or mean to others just because they had a bad day.. That ruins the spirit of life…thank you for sharing this. I will implement this for sure and be kind to all I meet 🙂

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