When You Quit Using, You Stop Waiting

Alcoholics and addicts seem to have a number of characteristics in common. One of them is what we can call the procrastination syndrome. For example walk into any bar and you will overhear conversations about future plans. One person is talking about the business he plans to to open up soon. Another is speaking about the cruise she and her husband will be taking in the near future. A third is is anticipating the promotion he will receive at work any day. Now fast forward a year or two. Walk into the same bar and you probably encounter the same cast of characters. Eavesdrop again on their conversations and chances are they will still be talking about the same thing. The business venture, the cruise and the promotion are still just hopeful dreaming.
That’s the way it is with alcoholics and addicts. Somehow all of those plans and aspirations never seem to actualize. The good news is that change is possible. Once we put down the drink or the drug and begin to work our program, we start to initially notice small changes. We make commitments to ourselves and others and begin to honor them. It could be as simple as a chair or coffee commitment at a meeting. The important thing is that we show up. Over time some of those big dreams and plans begin to come true as well.

Personal Reflection: What dream do I still need to actualize?

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