Try To Taste Your Words Before They Come Out Of Your Mouth

There are literally hundreds and probably thousands of restaurants found in major cities in every corner of the world. Every type of ethnic cooking is represented. People love to eat out and are especially open to trying new types of cuisine. There are countless food blogs, cooking shows and new cook books coming out every year. It is extremely evident that we pay a tremendous amount of energy and attention as to what goes in our mouths.
We in the program also enjoy dining in new restaurants and trying new cuisines. Like everyone else we enjoy the taste, textures and aromas of food. Beyond that, we are also concerned about what comes out of our mouths. Our words are also a type of food. They can be provide emotional, spiritual, psychological and psychic nourishment to the recipient. Just like we avoid overly bitter or excessively spicy foods, we want to avoid the same types of words. If the words we are contemplating using are full of anger and hurt, the best course of action is to close our mouth. We need to pay as much attention to the words that come out of our mouths as we do to the food that we put in.

Personal Reflection: Am I careful with the words I choose?

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